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cedar planter

Watch “How to Make a Christmas Planter in Under 10 mins” on YouTube

This fun and quick video shows you how easy it is to put together a great looking Christmas Urn.   Oh by the way it only cost me a couple bucks. I reused my pots from the summer and trimmed the trees in the back yard for the greenery and bought a couple dollars worth of decorations. You don’t need to spend much to have pots looking this good. Trust me watch the video and see how.

How to Make a Christmas Planter in Under 10 Mins Video Demo Written Instructions

Step 1. Gather up an old pot, decorations and clippings of cedar, pine, and spruce

Step 2. Take the greenery and break to the size you want and stick in dirt of the pot

Step 3. Make sure to have several heights of greenery to fill out the pot

Step 4. Cover the bare spots at the bottom of the pot with smaller clippings

Step 5. Keep filling the pot until your desired fullness is met

Step 6. Add some decorations

Step 7. Use gardening wire to keep the greenery gathered and standing up straight

Step 8. Use gardening wire to attach ornaments

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Watch “Christmas Lollipop Decoration” on YouTube


This video shows you how to make a giant lollipop. This giant sized lolly will sweeten up any decor. I used mine to decorate a float and then used it in my Christmas planter (URN).
So Simple, So Sweet.

Lollipop Written Instructions For Video Demo

Step 1. Draw five evenly spaced half circles on the paper plate


Step 2. Draw half circle lines between each of the five drawn previously


Step 3. Mark the five areas that will be painted red


Step 4. Using red acrylic paint, paint in the marked areas


Step 5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 and make one more plate

Step 6. Let dry

Step 7. Using a hot glue gun, bamboo to a plate


Step 8. Hot glue plates together


Step 9. Using Clear wrap, wrap the Lollipop


Step 10. Tie a ribbon around the bottom



Step 11. Curl the end of the ribbon with scissors and tack the ribbon with hot glue


That is it So Simple, So Sweet.


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