I just love all the wood signs with sayings of inspiration, whit, and love.  I could never find one that had the absolutely perfect saying for my loved ones, so I decided to make them their own custom signs.

First start by finding some reclaimed wood. I tried all the restores and had no luck. Then I found some old pallets.

Wood Pallet picture From Wikipedia

Next cut the pallet wood to the size you want the sign to be. Then secure the pieces together in the configuration shown below.  Make sure you per-drill pilot holes for your screws to avoid spiting the wood.

pallet back

Decide your colour scheme and start by painting your background.  When choosing paint keep in mind what material you are painting and what elements your sign will be subjected to.  For my sign I want to make sure I use a paint that will adhere to wood and can hold up to the outside weather. Water based pant is not a good choice to use unless you are using a really good sealant. Painted below is a rustic look that I created by applying a thin washed coat, not a thick layer of red paint. Doing this lets the wood show through.


Next picked out sayings and create stencils. I used an automated cutter that I borrowed from a friend. The possibilities of saying are endless when you create your own stencils!!! When the stencils are complete adhered them to the sign using tape.


When painting in the stencils hold them down to try to stop the paint from leeching underneath.



When the painting is complete and dry (leave it over night to dry) spray on a sealant to protect the sign if it is used outside.

That’s it nice and simple and customized!!


Here are a few more I did!!!

3pallet signs