When putting our boats, RVs, cars or anything anyway in storage we expect it to be safe. Until the unthinkable happens….mice or chipmunks or some other woodland creatures have decided to make our precious toys their home.   What a mess they make and the clean up and the damage repair can be costly. Not a good way to start a season.  We have all tried moth balls. Sometimes they work but they have let me down before. Also the smell of moth balls are how you say less than desirable, even the cedar ones.

For the last 5 years I have used essential peppermint oil to keep my boat vermin free when storing it for the winter. Yes that is right peppermint.  Not only is peppermint an excellent deterrent to vermin it makes your boat, RV, car and anything else you like to protect smell minty fresh.

What you need: 
                 Peppermint Essential Oil
                Clean rag
                Small tin container

Cut your rage to fit the bottom of your tin container.


Place rag in the bottom of your tin container. I used a small meatloaf type container, it was no more then 5 inches long. Next pour the essential peppermint oil over the rag, making sure the rag is all damp. Since you are using an essential oil the liquid will not evaporate. The oil could stain materials. Make sure to use a open tin, metal or glass container so that the oil does not seep through.


Place a container every 7 to 10 ft inside boat/RV/car etc.  For a car I would put one inside the car and one in the trunk.

That is it, your precious toy is protected and you will love the peppermint smell when you take it out of storage!!!