We have finished the install of our small back yard sitting area and now all it needs is some furniture to create a tranquil space. Like always I am on a tight budget and can’t afford a couple hundred, well lets be real more like plus $500 dollars on a new patio set. So I started brain storming cheap alternatives. I considered building a pallet sectional that are all the craze right now, but to be honest I wasn’t feeling it and didn’t have that much time to spend. So then I decided to shop the used adds on Kijij but no luck, everyone wanted too much. I do find that people can overvalue their used items on this site. So a friend and I decided to hit the pavement and go yard saling to see what we could find.  We struck gold, for 40 bucks I got two metal chairs and a love seat.  They needed some TLC and I wanted them to match the black metal table I built, but all in all they were in excellent shape.  See below steps to compete the refinishing of metal patio furniture.

  1. First remove cushions and give the metal a good wash. When washing the furniture inspect the metal surfaces for problem areas.


2. Sand out problem areas with a wire bush and sand paper. After sanding wipe down      furniture to remove any sanding dust.

3.   Paint the metal furniture in any colour for your choice, but ensure you are using spray    paint that bonds to metal and can stand up to the outdoor elements. You may need to do a couple coats to get full coverage.

4. Buy new cushions as needed to brighten up the space and voila you are done!!! With the used furniture, paint, wire brush and new cushions this project cost me around $100.00 not bad at all.