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Watch “How to Clean and do a Water Change for a Hot Tub” on YouTube

Written Instructions on How to Clean and Do a Hot Tub Water Change

  1. Pick a time to clean the tub when it is warm enough to avoid pipe freezing and ice damage *WARNING: When tempatures are at freezing the pipes may become damaged if the power is off and the water is not heated
  2. Power off the hot tub and keep it powered off until the hot tub is full of water again *WARNING: Running the tub with low or no water will cause damage
  3. Remove the filters and drain all water out of the tub
  4. Using water rinse the filters to remove bigger particles
  5. Use a cartridge/filter cleaner to clean the filters
  6. Mix cleaning solution by following the manufacture’s directions
  7. Add filters to solution and let them soak according to the cleaning solutions directions
  8. Wipe the inside of the tube with a soft cloth and a mild none abrasive soap
  9. Fill the tub up until it is full
  10. Reinstall the clean filters
  11. Turn the power on using the disconnect
  12. Reprogram the hot tub controller for correct date, time, etc


Now the hot tube is clean, it should not need to be cleaned for a good 3 months depending on usage. Every 2 weeks or so clean the filters by spraying them with water.


Watch “Christmas Lollipop Decoration” on YouTube


This video shows you how to make a giant lollipop. This giant sized lolly will sweeten up any decor. I used mine to decorate a float and then used it in my Christmas planter (URN).
So Simple, So Sweet.

Lollipop Written Instructions For Video Demo

Step 1. Draw five evenly spaced half circles on the paper plate


Step 2. Draw half circle lines between each of the five drawn previously


Step 3. Mark the five areas that will be painted red


Step 4. Using red acrylic paint, paint in the marked areas


Step 5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 and make one more plate

Step 6. Let dry

Step 7. Using a hot glue gun, bamboo to a plate


Step 8. Hot glue plates together


Step 9. Using Clear wrap, wrap the Lollipop


Step 10. Tie a ribbon around the bottom



Step 11. Curl the end of the ribbon with scissors and tack the ribbon with hot glue


That is it So Simple, So Sweet.


Watch “How to make a Wreath out of a Pool Noodle and Dollar Store Decor” on YouTube

Also see to see how to make the green wreath.

Watch “How to Run a Boat Out of Water With Muffs” on YouTube

A Cheap Alternative to Buying Very Expensive Patio Furniture “Refinishing Used”

Hot Tub Privacy Screen

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